Stoplights, While I Sleep

My apartment, in fact my bedroom, lies against the corner of a busy street and a much less busy street. At night, the stoplight shines sideways through my bedroom window, projecting the signal onto a white wall.

To the quieter street, it’s almost always red, occasionally allowing green. Most timed lights retire to a flashing yellow at night, but this one works all the time, waiting for a car to pull into the left-turn lane. I’d watch the green-yellow-red-green projection at night, and wonder what the signal marks while I sleep.

So I set up a camera to watch and count for a couple weeks. Read how here.

I just happened to get this up and running as COVID-19 grew from foreign news to a local pandemic. I started working from home 3/16/20. The govenor prohibited nonessential travel 3/23/20. Watching and recording from a window felt like a heavier practice—and maybe the halting of the entire world is indirectly visible in my little corner of night traffic.